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As we baby boomers get older we get more interested in our ancestors. We get more curious about where they came from, where they lived, and what they experienced during their lives. One to begin to satisfy this curiosity is by researching cemeteries in which your ancestors or persons of historical interest are buried.

Since I grew up in and lived most of my life in Kendall County, Texas, many of my ancestors are buried in cemeteries in the county, particularly in the area of Kendalia, Texas. Therefore, I have taken on the task of researching, in as much detail as possible, the persons buried in the cemeteries in the area. A few of the cemeteries have over 100 graves and some have only three or four.

For each grave I have taken a picture of the tombstone if possible and tried to find out who the parents of the person were as well as the names of their children and their children's spouses. Where possible I have make links to information about the graves of the parents and children. I have also located as many documents as I could find such as censuses, birth certificates, death certificates, pictures, and obituaries and included links to these. For the Edge Cemetery and the Kneupper Cemetery I have made a plat showing the location of each grave so that it will be easier for those visiting to locate specific graves. I plan to do the same for the Jones Cemetery when I have time.

This is an endless project since additional persons are buried in the cemeteries each year. Also as research is continued on those who are already represented on this website, new documents are sometimes found, or contributors send new information.

Thousands of people have ancestors who are buried around Kendalia. I am making this information available so that they can get a good start in their genealogical research. This might also be an opportunity to identify and locate some long lost cousins or other relatives.

The information I have on individuals was taken from various sources. Most are accurate, but some may contain incorrect information. If you have evidence that something should be changed, please let me know. Also, if you have additional pictures, documents, or information that you think should be included on a page, please send them (digitally by email) to me so that they can be posted.

Hal Harwell
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