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Area 4 of Kneupper Cemetery

Ida Lottie Grosser was born 21 Mar 1895 in Comal, Texas and died in San Antonio, Bexar, Texas on 22 Oct 1934.

She was the daughter of Carl August Grosser and Charlotte Saur Grosser.

On 26 Aug 1916 she married Paul Martin Kneupper. They had four children:

Irma Sara Kneupper who married Freddy Julius Fischer;

Vera Lottie Kneupper who married Henry Lee D'Spain, Jr;

Norma Jean Kneupper (15 Oct 1925 - living) who married
        Leroy James Achterberg and
        Clarence William Zinkgraf; and

Ralph Charles Kneupper who married Alice Faye Spencer (1938 - living).


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