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Area 6 of Kneupper Cemetery

Minnie Catherine Gourley was born 25 Aug 1896 in Kendalia, Kendall, Texas and died in Boerne, Kendall, Texas on 13 Jul 1986.

She was the daughter of Granville "Grant" Lafayette Gourley and Olga Kunz Wengenroth Gourley.

On 20 Jul 1912 she married Oscar Otto Kneupper.

They had eight children:

Frances Kneupper who married Fred Porter Walker;

Agnes Grace "Aggie" Kneupper who married
       J C Fishbeck (1916 - ?),
       Leonard Quinn, and
       Maurice Neill;

Isabel Lillian Kneupper who married:
       Elbert Coryell;
       Rudolph M Leidl (20 Aug 1909 - 25 Dec 1967); and
       Clyde Mattfeld (15 Apr 1924 - ?).

Elvera Marie Kneupper who married Francis Tilton;

Alene Virginia Kneupper who married
       Marvin C Dammann (? - ?) and
       Ottomar Arthur Schertz;

Georgia Ellen "Dolly" Kneupper who married Raymond James "Buddy" Rose;

Oscar John "OJ" Kneupper who married Joyce Anne Petsch (1938 - living); and

Carroll Wallace Kneupper who married
       Judith Ebner (1940 - living) and
       Diane Alkek (1941 - living).

She married William Albert Karsch about 1948.

She married Edgar Joseph Reininger sometime after 1951.


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