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Lavonia Gourley was born 4 Mar 1917 in Kendalia, Kendall, Texas and died in Blanco, Blanco, Texas on 29 Aug 2016.

She was the daughter of Granville "Grant" Lafayette Gourley and Olga Kunz Wengenroth Gourley.

On 29 Jan 1934 she married Clarence H Bourgeois.

They had two children:

Delbert Ray Bourgeois who married Kathleen Ann Michael in 1968 and Connie J Bannowsky in 1978;


Hazel Jane Bourgeois (1938 - living) who married Fritz J Kuebel (1938 - living) in 1970.

Lavonia later married Herman J Enderle. They had one son:

Joseph Edward Enderle (1945 - living).


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