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James Scott Gourley was born on 27 Oct 1860 in Sherman, Grayson, Texas and died in Kendalia, Kendall, Texas on 2 Aug 1897. He was the son of William Patton Gourley and Catherine Elizabeth Ellis Gourley.

1 Jan 1884 he married Temperance Rosalee "Tempie" Putman. They had seven children:

Katherine "Katie" Gourley who married Rufus Adolph Moseley;

Marion Frances "Frank" Gourley who married Anna Moseley
    and Hulda Sophie Lahrmann;

Lola Gourley who married John E Straughan;

Ada Viola Gourley who married Chase Chesley Byrne and
    Hilbert Domingo Lozano;

Irene Jane Gourley who married James J Montanio;

Claude Gourley; and

James Jett Gourley (26 Aug 1895 - 19 Mar 1941).


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