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History of the Lawhon Cemetery

This cemetery is on land purchased by Captain John W Lawhon from William Early Jones on 12 Mar 1860 (Kendall County Deed Records V. 3, pp 678, 679).

The first person known to be buried on the property was Theodosia Paralee Knibbe who was born 31 Dec 1869 in Kendall County, Texas and died there on 6 Jun 1870. She was the first child of August Henry Knibbe and  Mary Elizabeth Gourley Knibbe, who was the sister-in-law of Captain Lawhon's daughter, Elizabeth.  

In 1875 Captain Lawhon's son, John Thomas "Tom" Lawhon, who was a Texas Ranger and was killed in a dance hall fight, was buried on the property.

As time passed several other family members were buried here and on 3 Jun 1897 the property was sold by the heirs of John and Jane Lawhon to Valentin Kunz (Kendall County Deed Records V. 16, pp 269 - 274).

The last person buried here was Eliza Lawhon.

In 1990 the property was deeded to A & VK LTD by the last of the Kunz heirs.

These graves are on private property now belonging to A & VK LTD.

The GPS coordinates are: 29.92482, -98.51964