Jones Cemetery

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In the Jones Cemetery are numerous unmarked or unknown graves. Many persons, particularly infants, are known to have been born and died in the area and yet no record has been found of their burial location. Following is a list of possibilities for the unknown graves in the Jones Cemetery. If you know of others, please let me know.

Samuel Lawhon, the first son of Jesse William Lawhon and Lovina Penrod Lawhon was born in 1851 and died that year. Records indicate that Jesse was working for Judge Jones in 1851, so when his child died they may have buried the child here. If so, his father was buried near him four years later.

Henry Jesse Lawhon (23 Oct 1854 - 14 Jan 1884) was the son of Jesse William Lawhon, who was the first person buried here. His brother, John William Lawhon is also buried here.

On 1 Nov 1917 a stillborn child was born to Johnnie Lawhon and Augusta Walters Lawhon.

Thomas Edward Lawhon was born to Jesse Lawhon and Frances "Fanny" Welch Lawhon on 16 Nov 1926. The mother died six days later. The baby may have died also and would likely be buried here.

In the 1880 Kendall County Census Mamie B Garven is listed as the four year old daughter of William B Garven and Emma Reed Garven. She does not appear in any subsequent census and no other informationn about her has been found. Both of her parents are buried in this cemetery.